We provide wide range of designs and styles to suit your requirement. Over the years, our draperies have earned an acclaimed reputation among hospitality, commercial and residential projects.

Our solutions range from draperies that are operated manually, motorized or can be integrated with your home automation systems.


Curtains tailored to bring your space to life


Decorative Curtains


Drape the room in a rich, opulent design, sealed by luxury curtains.
Create a regal look with the choice of coloration and choose fabric with sheen reflecting the magnificence of gold.

Add depth, texture and style to your room with our luxury curtains in sumptuous fabrics and exquisite designs. Choose elegant eyelet for a relaxed modern look or pencil pleat for a timeless and more defined finish.

Wave-style Curtains


Our wave curtains come with that high end hotel style thrown in for free. Each stunning drape arrives at your doorstep with its very own track, specially designed to give you perfectly even folds every single time.

Wave-style curtains are uniquely designed to give a wavy appearance on the pleats.

These highly decorative curtains are sure to impart a touch of elegance to your space, and leave your visitors dazzled each time.

Pleated Curtains


Instantly update your décor with a pair of made to measure pencil pleat curtains. The pencil pleat header is probably the most popular type of finish, in which the fabric gathers together equally along the full width of the curtains. They can be hung with a simple track or one of our exclusive metal pole and finial designs.

Anti-microbial Curtains


Privacy curtains that separate patient care areas in hospitals play an important role in the transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens.

We provide a range of anti-microbial and fire retardant curtains, which are light-weight, fits easily with most popular track systems, and is proven to remain antimicrobial for up to 2 years!


Trims, Tassels, Poles and Accessories 


Curtains help keep out the unwanted light, enhance a fantastic view and add a touch of softness to any room. Luxury ready made curtains are the perfect way to perk up any space.

We offer a wide variety of hand-crafted accessories, as well as the most leading market trends in poles and fitting.

The finesse of our products add that touch of refined luxury to your space, that stands testament about our commitment towards our customers.

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