Progetti’s wallcoverings offers an expansive collection of unique textures, intriguing embossing and bold prints to deliver the right feeling for any project.

Our high performance wallcoverings provide superior durability, stain and abrasion resistance, as well as ease of installation. We also specialize in hand crafted wallcoverings using natural elements such as woods, glass, jute, fabrics, etc. that will enhance your walls.

Create vibrant spaces with timeless splendor

Textile Wallcoverings


Often specified as the wallcovering of choice for executive office suites, the natural versatility of these durable textile wallcoverings makes them appropriate for a wide range of applications including wall surfaces where sound-reduction qualities and durability complement its tactile interest.


Vinyl Wallcoverings


Vinyl wallpaper is a fantastic option for those looking to inject style and luxury at the same time as investing in a new wall covering that will stand the test of time.

Vinyl is strong and robust, and it can cope with heavy traffic and humidity, which makes it ideally suited to bathrooms, corridors and entrance halls, living rooms, kitchens, cloakrooms, utility rooms and bedrooms.

Natural Wallcoverings


Natural wallcovering designs are becoming increasingly fashionable. One of the most current trends is to use this kind of decorative elements to modify those environments and spaces that are too urban.


Plants, trees or animals are usually used so that the rooms have a different touch, a contrast that allows to reduce the seriousness of some spaces.

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